First trailer arrives for The Asylum’s ‘Hold Your Breath’ starring the lovely Katrina Bowden

Add Katrina Bowden to any film, and I’ll watch it! Add her to a horror and I am already there, and so The Asylum’s new tale of cheap shocks and depravity has already got my vote. This also marks the budget production company’s first film to be released theatrically, so everyone involved must be very excited!

The film will go straight to DVD here in the UK, however in the US the film will get a limited theatrical release from 5th October. The trailer is embedded below, and yes it features exactly what we expect from The Asylum (dodgy acting, poor quality effects, badly directed action scenes) but I say fair play to them, why not give the cinema a go. I mean, Christ, the company has a massive following, and you know what, I would love the chance to experience their utter shite on the big screen, I really would. Sadly, the UK won’t get the chance, yet.

Hold Your Breath is directed by Jared Cohn, and Katrina Bowden is joined in the cast by Erin Marie Hogan, Gerald Webb, Randy Wayne and Seth Cassell. Geoff Meed and Kenny Zinn wrote the film.


There is an old wives’ tale that you should hold your breath when passing by a cemetery lest an evil spirit rejected by both heaven and hell gets inside of you when you inhale. Someone in a carload of college kids on holiday doesn’t hold his/her breath when driving by a graveyard, allowing the spirit of a recently executed serial killer to get inside him/her to begin a spree of body-jumping carnage.

By Matt Wavish

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