Groundbreaking Horror Project Signs Sexy Leading Lady of Horror Bianca Barnett

One of the bona fide rising stars of the indie horror world, Bianca Barnett, has officially signed on for a leading role in Experiments in Killing and Experiments in Podcasting, the groundbreaking horror film and podcast project from award-winning filmmaker Joseph Christiana and producer Thomas Dettloff.
Ms. Barnett brings to the production not only her vast experience as an award-winning actress in widely-acclaimed indie horror films, but also a seductive sexuality which is, of course, a staple of the horror genre. Endowed with a jaw-dropping physicality and eyes so deep you can lose you life in them, Barnett’s onscreen presence is at once magnetic, stirring, and brimming with pathos. “She’s well on her way to becoming one of the all-time classic ladies of horror cinema,” Dettloff commented. “And we’re honored that we have the opportunity to be a part of her rise to cult-movie infamy.”
Winner of the 2011 Golden Cobb award for Best Rising B Movie Actress, Bianca has lent her talents to such films as Albino Farm (Showtime, Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes, Amazon, On Demand) and In a Spiral State, as well as the forthcoming My Sucky Teen Romance (premiered at SXSW ’11 & available on Blu-Ray 09/04/12), Dead Inside, and The Toy Box. She also appears in Dennis Willman’s strikingly beautiful comic, GINGER-STEIN: Rise of the Undead and is currently featured on the cover of Playzom Magazine with a Girls & Corpses layout coming to print soon. Additionally, she’s also the host of the WTF with Bianca Barnett Podcast as found on Horror, the leading horror podcast network on the web.
“I’m incredibly excited to work with [Tom and Joe] on these Experiments of theirs,” says Barnett. “It’s truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”
Experiments in Killing, a film that mingles found-footage and traditional film narrative conventions in unprecedented ways, is at its heart a film about a serial killer who videotapes his murders as a way to, ironically enough, negate his future impulses to kill. When two filmmakers begin making a film about the killer, we realize that not everything is as it seems, and that the layers of reality are beginning to collapse in one each other.
The film will be accompanied by an audio film-production diary called Experiments in Podcasting, which will chronicle developments about the film as they happen. Listeners will eavesdrop in on production meetings, candid film related discussions with cast and crew, and they’ll even be able to interact with the filmmakers, helping to make key creative decisions via polls on the podcast’s site. “Our listeners have already altered our film project in a major way,” says Christiana. “In fact, they chose Experiments over another project we pitched to them when we launched the show.” Adds Dettloff: “And now they’re voting on the name of the serial killer in the film. Nothing like this has ever been done before in the history of cinema. We’re breaking new ground here and we couldn’t be more excited.”
The filmmakers are currently crowd-sourcing the project through their podcast and Kickstarter. Shooting is scheduled for October 2012.
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