Just look at what Fox have lost out on: Joe Carnahan gives an indication of how his ‘Daredevil’ reboot would have looked, and it is goooood!!!

Just a few days ago came the shocking news that Fox had cancelled director Joe Carnahan’s “grittier, darker” reboot of Daredevil. Fans are clearly upset because Carnahan (who blew audiences away with his Liam Neeson vs wolves flick The Grey) had promised something much more gritty, and darker and intense and it was looking as if Daredevil was all set to go the Christopher Nolan route.

However, with Fox on a very tight timescale, they must have the film in production by the Autumn or the rights revert back to Marvel. With the news of Carnahan’s version being cancelled, it would appear that either Fox are happy to give the story back to Marvel, or they have another trick up their sleeve. Either way, Carnahan is NOT directing the remake for Fox.

However, Carnahan has pieced together a trailer of what we would have seen from his version, and taking to Twitter, he promised fans that if he could reach 6000 Twitter followers, he would post the trailers on Youtube. Apparently it took just a few minutes, and Carnahan, as promised, revealed the videos. Using footage, voices and sounds from a whole array of films, the director was able to put together two trailers, one with plenty of violence and NSFW, and the other more work friendly. The trailers show that the director has something really special planned for the reboot, and I hope, and pray that if Marvel do get the rights back come October, they watch these trailers and hire the man who is clearly right for the job.

By Matt Wavish

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