Lionsgate considering remaking the ‘Saw’ franchise…

Bloody Disgusting reports that trusted sources have said that Lionsgate are tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise. However, nothing is confirmed, and nothing has actually been announced so this is merely speculation right now based on some info that has been fed to the website.

It is not known for sure whether Lionsgate will indeed reboot the franchise, or are planning a new film in the series. However, it has been promised that Jigsaw will return, and I am sure this news will certainly make fans happy.

The Saw franchise kicked off in 2004, and was directed by James Wan, who directed Insidious last year. Wan also wrote the film with his partner in crime Leigh Whannell, and even though the franchise never quite hit the highs of the savage and brilliant first film, the series went on to become one of the most successful horror franchises ever. The films were released ever Halloween for seven years, ending with Saw 3D back in 2010.

Nothing else is known at this point, but talk of either a reboot or a new film in the series is certainly exciting. Wan and Whannell did say last year that if they felt the franchise could be worth getting involved in again then they would consider it. Having the creators return would be a good thing indeed, but as I have said this is merely speculation right now so don’t get getting too excited just yet.

We will have more on this as it develops though.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

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