‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ sequel: director Marc Webb wants to return, but there are “complications”

I was really impressed with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and I for one would love to see him return to do the sequel. However, the director was unsure whether returning would be a good career move, but now after a minor success, it would seem he is wanting to return for the sequel which is already planned for a 2nd May 2014 release.

Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man was initially met with a lot of complaints about rebooting Sam Raimi’s trilogy far too soon, and I also was not too keen on a new version of Spidey so soon. However, my annoyance changed once I saw the film, I thought it was terrific. The film itself has been more successful than other reboots Batman Begins and X-Men: First Class, earning $650 million worldwide, and so a sequel was always going to happen. Now it seems that Webb does indeed want to return, but there are “obstacles”

Say hello to Fox Searchlight, the huge company that Webb is indebted to for one more film. After the director gave Fox (500) Days of Summer, he still had a contract for another film with them but Fox kindly allowed Webb the time he needed to direct The Amazing Spider-Man. Now, with the sequel set for a release less than two years away, Sony Pictures are wanting to get started pretty sharpish, so here lies the problem. It is doubtful that Fox would allow Webb another two years to make the sequel, but Webb wants to make the sequel and Sony need it moving very soon.

According to the Times, Fox are “less inclined to give him another [reprieve], especially now that it’s been more than three years since he made a movie for them.” However, there are rumours that Fox just might allow Webb to return to Sony (who want him back) for the sequel, if he extends his contract with them from one film to two. Whether Webb would want to be committed to a two film contract with Fox remains to be seen. Fox also are looking for a director for their Daredevil reboot, so they might turn to Webb to direct that, but the Daredevil reboot is ready to go, and this would mean him not returning for the Spider-Man sequel.

However, if Webb was allowed to make the Spider-Man sequel, and did sign a contract for two films with Fox, it is highly likely he would be directing the already in development Age of Rage. The script is not ready yet, but the Fox film is currently being written by Black Swan writer Mark Heyman. The post-apocalyptic adventure already has Webb involved, but with the film’s script not ready yet, it is possible this could wait until the Spider-man sequel is complete.

Time will tell if Webb gets to return for Spider-Man 2, and we will bring you the news as soon as it is announced.

(Source: IndieWire)

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