‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ receives an R rating in the US, why expect anything else?

Well this is good news, and in all honesty if the rating was anything less then it would give big cause for concern. John Lussenhop’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has been quiet for some time now, but just yesterday the MPAA revealed their official rating for the film, and low and behold it is an R rating. Their reasons are for “strong, grisly violence and language throughout.” Hooray!!!

Written by Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan, Stephen Susco and Kirsten Elms, the films stars Alexandra Daddaro as the ill fated Heather along with Tania Raymonde, Thom Barry, Bill Moseley, Scott Eastwood, Gunnar Hansen, Dan Yeager and Richard Riehle. To see all our previous stories on this highly anticipated film, which arrives in UK cinemas 4th January 2013, click here.

Synopsis (well, the beginning of the lengthy, spoilery one released in February)

Twenty years ago the town of Newt, Texas, exacted vengeance on the Sawyer family for their role in assisting and concealing murders committed by the chainsaw-wielding maniac Jeb Sawyer, aka “Leatherface”. The entire family was presumed killed when Burt Hartman led the townspeople to burn down their farmhouse, but the Sawyer infant survived and was secretly taken away by two of the vigilante townies, Gavin and Arlene, and raised as their daughter, Heather. It’s not until she’s in her twenties that Heather learns that she’s adopted. A lawyer for her grandmother tracks her down with word she’s been left an inheritance.

Angry at her parents for lying to her, she sets out for Texas on a road trip with her boyfriend, Ryan; friends Nikki and Kenny; and Darryl, a hitchhiker they pick up on the way. Arriving in Newt, Texas, Heather is shown to her grandmother’s house by lawyer Farnsworth – and is shocked to find it’s a massive and opulent mansion. While the others get food at a local store, Darryl explores the mansion and inadvertently frees Leatherface from a sealed room. It’s not a mistake he lives long to regret.

By Matt Wavish

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