TIFF: New images from Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s ‘Here Comes The Devil’ & (Rec) writers ‘Painless’

The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off at the beginning of September, and the line-up is sensational. As the festival celebrates its vast amount of films from al sorts of genres, today we have stumbled upon some new images for two hot horror projects.

The two films featured here will play as part of TIFF’s Vanguard banner, and films under this heading are usually “international works that defy convention and ride on the pulse of cutting-edge cinema”

The first comes from Spanish director Adrian Garcial Bogliano, the man responsible for two recent horrors which are said to be very good indeed, but hard to watch. Suffice to say neither Cold Sweat or Penumbra have made it to UK shores yet, but I am keeping a close eye on both these films as they are very high on my must-see list. However, the constantly working director already has a new film ready to go, Here Comes The Devil, and thanks to TIFF we have a new synopsis for the film along with three new images (the first of which is at the top of this post).

Here Comes The Devil synopsis:

On a family vacation, a couple’s son and daughter disappear while exploring a cave-riddled mountainside. The children eventually return home seemingly unharmed, but are withdrawn and devoid of emotion. The parents fear they have fallen prey to something inhuman — and that this dark evil has come home with them.


Next up is Painless, a new Spanish horror written by Luiso Berdejo, the man who wrote (Rec) 1 and 3 and also the two American remakes. Painless is directed by Juan Carlos Medina, who also co-wrote the film.

Painless synopsis:

At the dawn of the Spanish civil war, a group of children insensitive to pain is locked in a sanatorium in the heart of the Pyrénées. In the present day, brilliant neurosurgeon David Martel discovers that he has a tumor and starts searching for his biological parents, in order to get the bone marrow transplant necessary for his survival. During his quest, he will exhume terrifying secrets about his origins, reanimate ghosts of his country and confront Berkano, the only fateful survivor of the insensitive children. From the writer of [Rec].


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