TV: Fox developing a TV series based on Danny Boyle’s classic ‘The Beach’

Some people really hate Danny Boyle’s The Beach and I don’t understand that, I don’t understand it at all! It is very hard to pick a favourite Danny Boyle film as each and every one of his films are just superb, but The Beach certainly ranks up there with his best.

Fox are planning a TV series based on Boyle’s 200 film, and Alex Garland’s book of the same name from 1996. Andrew Miller is writing the series, and he was responsible for developing, writing and co-running the CW series, The Secret Circle. Miller describes the new project as “about a group of young people feeling disconnected and disenchanted from society who try to start over in paradise but discover that while creating the perfect world is hard, protecting it is even harder.”

Me, I think this is an awesome idea for a TV show, and could very well echo Lost without the confusing plot. The Beach is open to plenty of possibilities, especially as we saw in the original film how Leonardo DiCaprio’s Richard went a bit bonkers. If the show decides to take the harsh, serious approach about the main cast being in serious trouble then this could really work.

Judging by Miller’s synopsis, things do go wrong in the story, and we could very well be in for a right treat if this show is given the same sort of quality shows like Lost have had. The right casting choices are crucial too, but this is Fox and they don’t usually get behind an idea unless they feel it will be of very high quality. Fingers crossed eh.

By Matt Wavish

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