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At over 2 hours long, BLACK BISCUIT is Fabrizio Federico’s vision of society’s outcasts. Shot as a documentary and narrated by various cult icons including Jim Hones, Charles Manson and GG Alin, BLACK BISCUIT stars a host of colourful characters from a dominatrix mistress and her pupil to a former child ping-pong champion with anger issues.

There’s no storyline or plot to the film, it is merely an observation on those who may not be socially accepted or who live on the streets, struggling to find work due to their lack of qualifications or experience.

Federico stars in the film as well as acting director, and has shot the film in accordance to his self-penned PINK8 Manifesto, which basically instructs you to shoot whatever you feel, include the errors, make it what little money you can acquire and use people off the street as your stars.

Federico self funded the film, which cost £500 to make, by becoming a life-model for art classes and from going door-to-door asking people to donate £1. He shot the film on kids cameras and mobile phones, which gives the film the imperfected look which harks back to decades gone by.

Black Biscuit is a raw and gritty affair, unwashed and bare for all to see. A real home for this abstract piece would be in an art gallery where its unedited voice can be appreciated.

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