First blood soaked clip arrives for Neil Jordan’s new vampire flick, ‘Byzantium’

The first piece of footage has finally landed for Neil Jordan’s big return to horror, the vampire flick Byzantium. Thanks to those wonderful people over at Empire, we have been able to embed the clip right here for your viewing pleasure!

While the clip doesn’t give away very much, what it does show is Saoirse Ronan’s thirst for blood. It also shows off Jordan’s gorgeous atmosphere (something he expertly brings to all his films) and what appears to be a heartfelt tale of two vampires struggling to hide their identities. Check out the clip at the bottom of this post.

The film marks Jordan’s first horror film since 1999?s superb In Dreams, and see’s the director finally return to the vampire genre after 1994’s stunning Interview with the Vampire.

The cast is impressive too, with Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Johnny Lee Miller, Sam Riley, Caleb Landry Jones and Bradley James all set to star in the film based on a play written by Moira Buffini.


On the run for murder, two young “sisters” arrive penniless at an English seaside town. Clara is a fiercely modern woman who has her eyes on the future and no time for the past. Teenager Eleanor is shy and innocent. Yet they both hide the same secrets: they are really mother and daughter, and they are both … vampires!

Eleanor is exhausted by 200 years on the run and desperate to settle down. But little does she know that her mother has been protecting her all of the years from their own kind, “The Brotherhood”. To escape them, they must either blend in or continue running away. But just as they think they may have escaped, their past rapidly catches up with them.”

By Matt Wavish


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