Insane first trailer lands for Rogue River director’s latest tale of terror ‘Children of Sorrow’ starring the wonderful Bill Oberst Jr

While director Jourdan McClure’s violent kidnap flick Rogue River was not perfect, it had a lot of potential, and being the directors first film, it was a pretty fine effort. Now McClure is all set to return with a much bigger, better and totally insane horror called Children of Sorrow.

Written by Ryan Finnerty (who also wrote Rogue River), Children of Sorror has just released its first trailer, and it is quite something. It appears to be using a sort of found footage edge with camera’s set up to record events, and the whole trailer is full of vicious violence, lots of screaming and the wonderful Bill Oberst Jr (far too many films to mention) looking completely mad and giving what appears to be one of his best performances yet!

Here is how the director describes the film:

A young woman embeds herself in a cult looking for answers to her sisters disappearance, only to find a dark secret within the cult and an even darker secret within herself.

COS is pretty unlike anything I thought I would do. It’s really my attempt at a P.O.V Mocku-horror film with roots in the slice of life genre. The story is told through the lenses of diegetic devices. This is not found footage but utilizes elements of the FF aesthetic along with the documentary presentation to make something unnerving and interesting.”

By Matt Wavish


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  1. Matt,

    I love the Horror Cult Films blog and was excited to see this post 😈 . Thank you for the kind words, man! Jourdan McClure had a clear vision for Children Of Sorrow (summed up in his mantra during the shoot: “Disturbing is the new gore!”) and he drove his cast hard. I’m glad he did. This was my first total immersion performance; I cut myself off from the outside world for the entire shoot and lived in Father Simon’s skin. Jourdan encouraged me to go that deep. I wanted so badly to please him and to please fans of the genre I love and live for. I’m eager to hear what my fellow horror fans think of Jourdan’s trailer and the film to follow.

    very best regards,
    Bill Oberst Jr.

    P.S. – You and I apparently have an all-time favorite film in common: The Exorcist. I believe in good and evil and in hidden warfare between them. I guess that’s one of the reasons I took this role so seriously. It felt very real.

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