Katee Sackhoff joins Absentia director Mike Flanagan’s new horror ‘Oculus’

Katee Sackhoff has appeared in a few horror flicks over the years including White Noise 2 and Halloween: Resurrection. She has also appeared in TV series’ such as 24, Battlestar Galactica, Nip Tuck and Bionic Woman. Already she has a number of genre flicks in production, including The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, Growl and two others now completed (The Haunting in Georgia and Campus Killer). Now she is adding yet another genre film to that list, Mike Flanagan’s new horror flick, Oculus.

Sackhoff will be joining the cast alongside the already announced Karen Gillan (Dr Who), and Sackhoff will be playing Gillan’s Mother.

Mike Flanagan is the man responsible for the recent, and quite brilliant horror Absentia (review) and his new film Oculus has an intriguing synopsis:

Oculus’ starts a decade after a terrifying family incident left two young children orphans. Although her brother was charged with murder, Kaylie is convinced that a haunted antique mirror is the real perpetrator. Years later, the brother is ready to move on but Kaylie still wants prove that the mirror was responsible for destroying their family.

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