Sadly, and as expected, there will not be a director’s cut of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as previously rumoured

While it was a nice thought when it was reported last week, deep down we all must have thought it was too good to be true, and alas it was. Those reports from website Nuke The Fridge that there were plans in place to release a directors cut of The Dark Knight Rises on DVD & Blu-ray were rumours, and we said as such in our report. In fact, I was not going to report it at all as I expected this would happen, but since almost every other website reported on it, I felt we had to do the same. However, it has been confirmed today that the version coming out on DVD & Blu-ray will be the same version you saw at the cinema.

Insiders close to the director confirmed to website, The Playlist, that these rumours were indeed false and no such plans were in place.

It would be nice to see any deleted scenes on the home video release, but from the sounds of it, very little (apart from Bane’s origin story) was actually cut. Nolan is known for not exactly packing deleted scenes into the DVD & Blu-ray copies of his films, and that is because he gets it right first time round, and it also proves just how well respected he is as very few directors get final cut on their films when it comes to big studios. Nolan explained to  MTV why his movies lacked deleted scenes “I tend to try and weed things out on paper because it’s crazy expensive to shoot things that aren’t going to be in the film. It also takes up a lot of time and energy. Pretty much with all my films, there are very few deleted scenes, which always disappoints the DVD crowd.”

So there you have it, it was exciting to imagine a thirty minute longer version of The Dark Knight Rises, but it would seem that Nolan’s happy with the final version as it is, as are many fans…

(Source: The Playlist)

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