Sergio Morcillo’s Clown Horror TUS GRITOS ME DAN RISA Chosen For SITGES 2012 – See New Trailer Here!

Sergio Morcillo’s horror film, featuring a blood thirsty clown, Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa (Your Screams Make Me Laugh) has been chosen for Sitges 2012 Internation Film Festival in Catalonia this October.

The Spanish language film directed by Morcillo stars Flora Lopez, Rafa Casette, Diego Dominguez, Zida Marin and Ignacio Martinez.

Christmas Eve 1996. A middle class family celebrated the night at the home of people who have. Everything flows out normally, but the visit of a horrible deformed clown your abode will be unleashed the nightmare.

“In this new adventure I wanted to get straight into a story of the old days of sheer terror. Out of a fear that many people, myself included, it happens: the phobia of clowns. Wanted to do something different, that the subject of this film clowns exploited. want to recreate that atmosphere of typical film 80 neighborhood video store and take the viewer to a grisly tale of 15 minutes, which, blood, horror and concern, is a protagonist in the story. films like “Clownhouse”, “demoms” or “Evil Dead” are the movies that we had in mind when writing the script for “Sergio Morcillo.

Watch the trailer for Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa below!

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