Surreal Murder Mystery Story 2: Spring-Heeled Jack is a two part comic from Craig Daley (CD Comics) and spans across three timelines: 1873, 1973 and 2011. A troublesome demon-ghost, branded Spring-Heeled Jack, appears and stalks in the darkness every 100 years for 4 nights, terrorising the women folk of Sheffield. With his sudden re-appearance 62 years early and with a new-found lust for blood, John Smith and the citizens of Sheffield must unravel the mystery before more women turn up dead.

Craig Daley’s comics have a charm about them. The artwork may not be as detailed as other modern comics, but the emotion from the characters still omits boldly from the page. What does capture me about his comics, other than the murder mystery storylines, is that Craig has a particular eye for angles and includes many interesting shots throughout the comic.

As previously mentioned, this story flits backwards and forwards between three different timelines so you really have to concentrate on which timeline you are reading to get a full grasp of the story. As with Craig’s previous comics, Spring-Heeled Jack contains a touch of dry humour and keeps us guessing until the final moment. Although murder mysteries are not a new story device, they sure are a favourite of mine. Be it Poirot, Giallo movies or indeed Craig’s comics, they always keep me entertained with their ‘”who dunnit?!” attitude.

The supernatural is explored in Spring-Heeled Jack with the mystery building-leaper, who’s non-stop laughter strikes fear into the common man and woman, being described as a ghost, demon and the devil himself. For centuries, this mischievious figure has tormented the towns and now he has returned in 2011, he must be stopped once and for all.

This is an enjoyable mystery romp with a supernatural edge that makes it all the more satisfying.

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