Ti West and Eli Roth working together on new horror flick ‘The Sacrament’

While not every horror fan has bought into director Ti West’s back to basics, stripped down tales of terror, those who have enjoyed his work have been rewarded well. Both The Innkeepers and House of the Devil are terrific horror films, both relying on nail biting tension, atmosphere and superb scripting to conjure up a chilling adventure into terror. I love his work, I adored House of the Devil, loved The Innkeepers and thought his segment for horror anthology V/H/S was fantastic. It is probably best to try and forget his sequel Cabin Fever 2, although the film did show flourishes of ideas here and there. West has also directed a short segment for the massive horror project The ABC’s of Death, so its fair to say he is not a director likely to be disappearing anytime soon.

Today see’s the announcement of another project which has just been financed by Worldview Entertainment and Octane, a project bringing together two of independent horror’s heavyweights. Ti West has written and now will direct a new horror called The Sacrament, and while plot details are being heavily protected right now, judging by the title I can only presume this will be some sort of religious themed horror. Hostel director Eli Roth is also onboard and will be credited as both producer and as “Eli Roth presents”, and this will mark the two directors first collaboration, even though both have directed a Cabin Fever film. Roth is currently set to begin shooting his next horror, the cannibal themed The Green Inferno.

Roth said of working with West: “I’ve been a Ti West fan since his first film and have watched him continue to grow into one of the smartest and most exciting filmmakers working today. We want to make this Ti’s first mainstream movie, without sacrificing the quality and unflinching horror of the subject matter. And I’m thrilled to once again partner with Worldview Entertainment, as they fully appreciate what we bring to the project and are letting us run wild with it.”

More on this as it develops.

By Matt Wavish

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