Adam Green’s latest Halloween themed short shows Michael Myers learning to drive, with disastrous consequences!

It is getting close to Halloween, and you know what that means? Hatchet director Adam Green has unleashed his yearly Halloween themed short for Arie Scope Pictures. This years hilarious short is a cheeky parody of John Carpenters classic Halloween, and shows us a (fake) deleted scene in which Michael Myers is given driving lessons. Check out the video at the bottom of this post after a few words from Arie Scope.

In John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween, Michael Myers was suddenly able to drive a car after having sat in a sanitarium staring at the wall since childhood. While the filmmakers addressed this slight plot hole briefly in the original movie with a throw away line by Donald Pleasance (“Maybe someone around here gave him lessons”), we here at ArieScope Pictures were fortunate enough to track down a never-before-seen deleted scene from HALLOWEEN that thoroughly explains what really happened.

Starring Joel David Moore (AVATAR, DODGEBALL) and Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13th VII-X, HATCHET I-III). Written and Directed by Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN, HOLLISTON). This parody marks ArieScope Pictures’ 14th annual Halloween short film.

(Source: ArieScope)


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