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Along with the likes of Frankenweenie, Paranorman and Hotel Transilvania, family orientated, animated horror films seem to be quite the trend at the moment. Continuing that trend is the recently released Daddy, I’m A Zombie!, the tale of bullied social out-cast, Dixie. Living with her recently separated mortician father (who appears to run business from home), Dixie, a gothic girl, still down from her mother leaving, struggles to cope with life, getting in to fights at school, being picked on by the popular kids and coming to loggerheads with her father. After a cruel stunt is pulled by the bullying kids, Dixie has had enough, and in the heat of the moment, wishes she was dead. As fate would have it, her wish comes true, and after being hit by a falling tree, Dixie wakes up as a zombie, in the realm of the dead. After the initial shock, Dixie meets another member of the undead, in the form of ancient Egyptian, Isis. They soon become friends, and set out to help get Dixie back to normal. Things aren’t as straight forward however, as an evil zombie witch is after the one item that can link the realm of the dead with the living, the pendant Dixie’s mother left her.


From the outset the tone is set, with some very gothic opening credits, and while rather macabre, the film isn’t as dark as to unsettle more younger members of the audience. It is an enjoyable film, with its 3D animation style very reminiscent of the videogame Medieval, which has very similar character models, and in turn is comparable to the animation style of Tim Burton. The locations are also similar in style to the aforementioned Medieval, making for a comic, yet gothic style.  In terms of story, it does tread a well worn path, including morals, dilemmas and other clichés often found in films aimed at a younger audience, but its tone and style make it all the more watchable. The film does contain some surprisingly grim scenes, with one in particular, where an evil doer is dispatched in cauldron of corrosive liquid. Daddy, I’m A Zombie!, doesn’t break any ground with regards to animation or story, but it is a fun film to watch with the family, particularly with Halloween coming up, it’s a different look at the macbre world of the undead, and probably  most important of all, my kids really enjoyed it.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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