‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is saved as Matt Reeves steps in to direct!!

I must say I felt totally disgruntled when I heard the news that Rupert Wyatt was walking away from the sequel to his own Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Wyatt did such a fantastic job with that truly stunning film, and I felt that it would take someone very very good to replace him. While nothing has been officially confirmed, it sounded like Wyatt walked away due to Fox wanting the sequel ready for 23rd May 2014. The sheer task of getting the film done, and done to the quality of the first film, was too big for such a small time frame.

However, a Knight in shining armour has arrived in the form of Matt Reeves. Director of the amazing Cloverfield and also the remake of Let the Right One In titled Let Me In, Reeves is certainly a great choice for the task. In a round of meetings with directors eligible for the task, Reeves came out on top and is set to direct the sequel. This is really great news, and I am very excited to see what Reeves can bring to the franchise.

While it is not yet confirmed whether James Franco or Freida Pinto will return, it has been confirmed that Andy Serkis is back. Expect much more on this as it develops.

(Source: TheHollywoodReporter)

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