Is ‘Prometheus’ still baffling you? Well then, check out this hilarious “honest trailer” for the film

I have watched Ridley Scott’s Prometheus twice now, and on first watch I left the cinema feeling disappointed but living in hope that I might have missed something. On second watch I must say that the first hour and ten minutes was some of the best sci-fi I have seen since, well, Alien I suppose, and if Scott could have kept up this level of brilliance then Prometheus would have been a real classic. Sadly the film lost its way as the action hotted up, and the final half hour became a painful mess and on second watch I believe I was even more disappointed than the first time. How could something set to be so good fall from grace so quickly?

Anyway, complaints aside, Prometheus was still one hell of a ride, and even though many have complained about plot holes, confusing mythology and total nonsense, you cannot deny that there has not been a more talked about film this year, good or bad. For that, it has to be said, Prometheus has at least got fans talking and interested. Even the new trailers for the DVD & Blu-ray release are teasing of questions being answered, and fans are now eager to see those deleted scenes to see what has been missed.  The marketing for the film has been incredible, and no doubt as fans begin owning the film people will ignite those discussions again.

However, whether you love the film or not, poking fun at some of its flaws is actually quite an enjoyable experience, and is perfectly summed up in the following “honest trailer” by Screen Junkies. The fake trailer picks up on many of the issues and complaints people had with the film, but in a nice tongue and cheek sort of way and is not offensive to those who loved the film. It merely points out issues we have all already spotted, but makes them very very funny! Check it out next.


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