Jonathan Chance Looking For Studios To Film His Terrifying Borley Rectory Screenplay SOMETHING LIKE A PHENOMENON

Jonathan Chance, of Chance Encounters Films which brought us the tremendous short TIMESLIP, has written a Shriekfest-nominated screenplay, Something Like A Phenomenon, based on a true story in his home country of England.

For one year Harry Price has the key to the notoriously most haunted house in England. Borley Rectory. A notice in The Times is given to the public urging fifty candidates to exercise an experiment to find out the truth of the house. The bizarre accounts increase per group bound under contract to keep quiet. As the candidates enroll the house shadowed in mystery begins to take on a life of it’s own.

Writer Jonathan Chance told us a little about his ideas behind Something Like A Phenomenon:
“One evening I got together some great actors I know to play characters in my screenplay SOMETHING LIKE A PHENOMENON promo spec for studios. This story is real. I lived 10 miles from where this all took place all those many years ago. First time I heard about the legend I was nine-years old. Then I visited the haunt in my teens and for years studied the myth and real truth behind Harry Price and the lease to the most haunted house in England. Many short films later on the twentieth anniversary of my first encountering this unusual tale I wanted to finally tell the tale of something personal to me and would love to make into a feature length film. A story of legend dieing to be told – the right way. The stellar cast of characters include the infamous Harry Price, Peter Cushing and Dennis Wheatley in a fascinatingly scary story where the truth truly is stranger than fiction and if you want to find out it’s down getting this circulated and to the attention of studios…”

“This should be a classic scary ghost story – terrifying on a grand scale – yet gritty as the sordid subject matter. A timely yet modern horror classic with Practical Effects first, CGI second (if done right) with some great actors on board. The demographic would apply to teens today but just as importantly that huge niche of fans of the classic horror film (myself included) when originality was key and innovation in creative ouput was flourishing – this sadly gets overlooked too often.”

Here’s hoping Jonathan’s dreams of bringing Something Like A Phenomenon to screen, in the right way, come to fruition. If you’d like to discover more about this project, visit the official Facebook. To contact John, visit his website

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    • I used to live near Colchester – so i know how important it is to get the legend and truth right – that’s what makes this all so interesting! Thanks for your support.

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