What if two guys wrote a comic book to escape their reality

What if that comic book invaded their reality

What if the comic book foretold the death of many in their town?

Simon Goodman is a 16 year boy living in a run down seaside town.  With his best friend Joe Harper he creates a comic book called ‘Scrawl’ as a way to gain some notoriety and pick up girls.  It isn’t long before they start to see situations in the comic book come to life.  At first it’s great, girls start to become interested in them, and all seems fun.  But then they start to worry, because at page 25, they’ve written a huge bloody massacre, and not only that, but monsters start to show themselves.  How will it all end?

You probably read the article I posted just now about Motto, and may even remember reading several months ago that a follow-up was on the cardsThe project has evolved greatly and from what I can tell seems to be getting more and more intriguing.  Anyway, this project needs your support.  Here is a link to Scrawl’s Indiegogo page;

If you like what you see, spread the word, make sure even your mum knows about it, especially if she has lots of money!   In a year of disappointing Hollywood blockbusters, this is the kind of film that us film fans should be supporting.


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