‘Skyfall’ breaks records in it’s first opening weekend here in the UK!

Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film which is being praised left, right and center has opened spectacularly this weekend here in the UK, and with half term in full swing, Skyfall should bring in a lot of cash this week. It dominated the weekend not only here in the UK, but in a further 25 territories, and the film is yet to open in the US where there is a good chance it could break some records there too.

Here in the UK, the Sam Mendes directed film had a superb Friday-Sunday opening of $32.4 million, making Skyfall the second biggest UK opening weekend ever behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Let’s also remember that Potter’s record breaking opening benefited from 3D sales too. Not only that, but eager fans flocked to cinemas on Saturday allowing Skyfall to secure the highest attendance figures ever recorded for a Saturday here in the UK.

In total, Skyfall took a respectful $77.7 million this weekend in 25 markets, which puts it way ahead of previous Bond flicks Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. Skyfall opened 30 percent up on Quantum of Solace and 76 percent up on Casino Royale here in the UK. Quantum of Solace opened with $67 million, and Casino Royale $40 million in total.The film is expected to open huge in the US too, with extremely positive reviews and Bond being  high on everyone’s lists to see, Skyfall is expected to smash the worldwide gross of Quantum of Solace ($427 million) and Casino Royale ($418 million).

IMAX sales were also impressive, with Bond opening here in the UK second place to The Dark Knight Rises, and in total Skyfall took $3.5 million in IMAX sales in 79 cinemas over 15 territories. In Brazil Skyfall had the biggest opening weekend ever (£3.2 million) and opened first place in France ($9.1 million), Russia ($8.6 million) and South Korea (£6.05 million). Norway ($2.7 million), Sweden ($2.6 million), Denmark ($2.6 million), Poland ($2.5 million) and Finland ($1.5 million) all felt the excitement of Skyfall.

Skyfall opens in the US on 9th November, so we all look forward to seeing the figures from those sales very soon. You can also read Dr Lenera’s review of Skyfall here.

(Source: Box Office Mojo)


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