Time Again (2012)

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After waitress Sam, receives strange coins for a tip, she inadvertently becomes embroiled in an underworld battle with notorious criminal Mr Way, that leads to her death. With the help of a mysterious old lady, her younger sister Marlo, goes back in time to save her from being murdered.  Things pick up with Marlo being stalked by Mr. Way, who is convinced she has something he wants. However, the gang boss is under surveillance from grizzled cop, Detective Lym (whom in his attire and rugged unshaven looks, bears a resemblance to Nathan Drake). Things soon descend into chaos, as Way sends some of his goons after the unsuspecting Marlo, but Lym has other plans. 

On the surface, Time Again is another no-budget, straight to video action movie, yet under the cops and crooks action exterior, lies an interesting time hopping story. However, it seems to lack an established set of time travel rules. Every time travel movie has its do’s and don’t’s, but this seems to skim over them in order to keep things moving on. Adding a bit of lore to the film may have added a bit more depth. The latter act consists of Marlo making several attempts to avert the situation that leads to her sisters’ death, however, with each failed attempt, she ends up back in the present. When she travels back, there’s no alteration to the ‘present’, no paradoxes, and no ‘other-self’. Despite the lack of time travel consequences, it’s still great to see how each attempt at travelling back pans out, and how things are done differently the next time around.


The acting does leave a lot to be desired, but this can be put down to some ill timed editing. Dramatic pauses can linger for a little too long, throwing off the otherwise fast pace of the action scenes. The action scenes, while well choreographed, make it that little more obvious of the films budget restraints, with one scene in particular, involving a block of C4 and an explosion, looking like little more than a firecracker. Limitations aside, it is an enjoyable beer movie, and while it comes across as SyFy movie of the week, it’s a good story, which should please any fan of the genre.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

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