We Need To Talk About Kevin director planning a sci-fi Moby Dick adventure… in space!!!

Yes you did read that headline correct! There is indeed a new Moby Dick themed move in the works which will feature a ship captain hunting down a giant creature, in space! At the time of writing the film is going by the name ‘Mobius’, although Belgium director Eric Rochant also has a movie due for release in 2013 called Mobius, so there is a good chance it might change.

However, Lynne Ramsay, director of last years superb We Need To Talk About Kevin, has finally got studio backing to make the film.  It has been said that Mobius is a “psychological action thriller,” about a spaceship captain who goes on a mission of revenge looking for an alien, risking both his and his crew’s lives. The script is being co-written by Ramsay and her Kevin co-writer Rory Kinnear.

Scott Pictures have agreed to both produce and finance the film, and the company is also financing Ramsay’s other film Jane’s Got A Gun which goes into production in January next year. Jane’s Got A Gun stars Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman, and with any luck Ramsay can get this one finished quick so she can move on to this Mobius film because, I feel I must add, it sounds awesome does it not?

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