What can we expect from ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’? EXPLOSIONS!!! The proof is in the new trailer!!

Please, allow me to share with you the new trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard, but you just might need a bullet proof vest or some ear protectors to watch it! The new trailer is loud, very very loud and indicates that the new film will be 90% action and explosions, probably 9% plot, and 1% striptease (I have included an image of said striptease below as it is very short in the trailer!)

The new trailer looks cool, is well presented but I cannot help but feel a little let down by it all. Bruce Willis doesn’t look like a man in trouble, he looks more like a superhero who simply cannot die, and that takes away part of the fun of Die Hard. John McClane was a man, not a machine, and he could be hurt and he added a more human touch to those late 80’s action films that were ruled by the indestructible likes of Arnie, Stallone and Van Damme. In this new trailer he appears a little too confident, and is barely phased by all the chaos going on around him. I also found the “yipee ki-yay” line painfully forced as he entered the airport.

Saying that though, the trailer does look impressive, and while I doubt there will be much plot, it is guaranteed that the film will provide good blockbusting entertainment and will no doubt have to be seen on the biggest screen you can find. It will take a lot to beat the previous films in the series, but I am quite excited to see the story shift from the US to Moscow, and no doubt it will provide plenty of comedy as McClane gets used to a different nationality. Fingers crossed then that the film is as good as the trailer make out.

A brand new poster and a couple of new images have also been released and we have those, plus that all important image of the striptease, below after the trailer!

A Good Day To Die Hard is directed by John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines) and written by Skip Woods and Roderic Thorp. The cast includes Bruce Willis as John McClane, Jai Courtney as McClane Jr, Amaury Nolasco, Cole Hauser, Sebastian Koch, Aksel Hennie, Julia Snigir and Anne Vyalitsyna. The film will arrive in UK cinemas 14th February 2013.


Iconoclastic, take-no-prisoners cop John McClane, for the first time, finds himself on foreign soil after traveling to Moscow to help his wayward son Jack–unaware that Jack is really a highly-trained CIA operative out to stop a nuclear weapons heist. With the Russian underworld in pursuit, and battling a countdown to war, the two McClanes discover that their opposing methods make them unstoppable heroes.

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