Bond continues to break records as ‘Skyfall’ rules the box office!

The 23rd Bond movie, Skyfall, broke opening weekend records both here in the UK and in a number of other territories across the globe last week. Not only did Skyfall achieve the second biggest opening weekend figures of all time here in the UK, but the film also had the biggest Saturday ticket sales of all time too here in the UK. On its opening weekend Skyfall took a massive $32.4 million here in the UK alone.  You can read more about Skyfall’s astonishing opening weekend figures here.

However, not content with such a weekend success, Skyfall is now heading to even bigger achievements, and this is all before opening in the US this Friday. Skyfall is set to become the highest grossing Bond movie of all time, and has become the highest grossing seven-day movie ever here in the UK. In its first seven days, Skyfall has now taken a massive $60 million here in the UK, passing the previous record set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 last year, which took $57 million. Skyfall has also achieved these impressive figures without the added bonus of 3D ticket sales. This weekend Skyfall continued to impress here in the UK by taking a further $25.7 million, taking its now ten day gross to a whopping $85.8 million.

This now puts Skyfall as the third biggest film of the year so far here in the UK behind The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. With the film still going incredibly strong, it is looking very likely that it will pass both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises to become the biggest film of the year here in the UK. Having earned $85.8 million here in the UK in just ten days, and with the film showing no signs of slowing down, it is looking likely that Skyfall will pass Avatar as the highest grossing film ever in UK cinemas. Avatar’s record stands at $93.5 million.

So far Skyfall has taken an massive $287 million across the globe on its first ten days of release, with $156 million coming from this weekend alone after expanding into places like Germany and Mexico. In Germany the film recorded the biggest opening of the year so far. It is expected that the film will gross $215 million in the US, which would easily make Skyfall the biggest Bond movie of all time.

With the film so far taking $287 million, and with a further $215 million (at least) expected from the US, this already puts Skyfall’s expected worldwide gross at $502 million.  Quantum of Solace managed a worldwide gross of $427 million, while Casino Royale took a respectful $418 million. The money generated by Skyfall is phenomenal, and is a welcome achievement as Bond celebrates 50 years.

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