Check out three alternate ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ posters which will cause fear

Before Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises was released in cinemas, there was an onslaught on images, clips and posters. However, amongst all that promotional stuff, something was sure to get missed, or discarded.

Trailer Park have today released three posters that were never used for the film, yet judging by their quality, might have been a good addition to the films massive marketing campaign. It was Trailer Park who designed these posters, and they have now chosen to make them public by posting them on-line. With The Dark Knight Rises due to arrive on DVD and Bluray on 3rd December, the timing could not have been better for this stylish and impressive posters.

The first features Batman in his signature pose, while the second features Bane in his most threatening stance. The third and final poster is the most intriguing, and simply features Bane’s breathing mask with the word fear” written on a black background. Apparently this was part of a marketing campaign that never took off.

Check out the three posters below.

(Source: Trailer Park)

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