Eli Roth produced horror ‘Clown’ casts up, and filming has begun!

What started out as a joke trailer quickly became an internet sensation, and now that trailer is being made into a real film. We brought you the news a few months back that Clown was to be produced by Hostel director Eli Roth, and at the Toronto International Film Festival Dimension films bagged the film. Jon Watts will be directing the horror, and this week has seen the announcement of a number of cast members.

Joining the cast this week: Peter Stormare (Fargo, 8MM), Laura Allen (From Within, The Collective), Andy Powers (Taken), Matthew Stefiuk (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer), Elizabeth Whitmere (A Previous Engagement) and Christian Distefano.

Clown has now begun production, and aims for a release sometime next year.


Clown is about a loving dad who slaps on a clown costume to fill in for a no-show for his kid’s birthday. He can’t take the clown get-up off when the party ends and discovers the ensemble is cursed and he’s headed toward becoming the embodiment of evil.


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