‘Hitchcock’: Two new clips for you, the first shows the director’s desire for freedom and the second discusses THAT shower scene

Two brand new clips have been revealed for Sacha Gervasi’s expected Oscar contender, Hitchcock, and we have both of them here for you to enjoy.

The first clip is a heartwarming, emotional one that shows Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock discussing with his wife Alma (Helen Mirren) the issues facing them and his new film Psycho. Paramount refuse to fund the film, and the legendary director tells his wife they will have to finance the film themselves. After a brief and brilliant touch of comedy involving selling the pool, the scene takes a turn for the ultra brilliant and Hitchcock confesses his desire to go back to the old ways of making movies without studio backing. He expresses how he wishes to go it alone and have some fun, like they used to. It is a moving and truly hypnotic scene.

The second clip see’s Scarlett Johansson playing Janet Leigh, star of the infamous shower scene in Psycho. In the clip she discusses with both Hitchcock and his wife just how the shower scene is intended to be shot. Check out both clips below.

Anthony Hopkins will be playing  Alfred Hitchcock, Helen Mirren  his wife Alma, Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles, James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins/Norman Bates, Michael Stuhlbarg as Lew Wasserman, Toni Collette as Hitchcock’s secretary Peggy, Michael Wincott as Ed Gein, Danny Huston as Whitfield Cook, Kurtwood Smith as Geoffrey Shurlock and Richard Portnow as Barney Balaban.

The film has been penned by John McLaughlin,with revisions by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story), Gervasi himself and author Stephen Rebello. Ivan Reitman, Joe Medjuck and Tom Pollack will produce through their Montecito Picture Company along with Tom Thayer.

The project is based on the non-fiction book by Stephen Rebello that tracks how Hitchcock, at the height of his game as a director, decided to make a “lowly” horror movie.

Hitchcock arrives in UK cinemas 8th February 2013. The US will see a limited theatrical release on November 23rd. Check out all our previous stories here


“Hitchcock” is a love story about one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century, Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and partner Alma Reville. The film takes place during the making of Hitchcock’s seminal movie Psycho.

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