Join #FriedkinFriday This Friday on Twitter to Discuss Killer Joe and All Things William Friedkin

Join the exciting #FriedkinFriday Twitter event on Friday 9th November to celebrate the release of Killer Joe on DVD and Blu-ray!

The event will take place between 1pm and 5pm and our good friends over at @FetchPublicity and @CultLabs will be discussing the film’s director William Friedkin as a filmmaker, from The Exorcist to his latest film, Killer Joe. There’ll be tons of discussion about Friedkin and his most celebrated films and maybe man himself will join in for at least some of the event.

The topics for the event are:

1.00pm The Exorcist – Introducing Friedkin
1.15pm The Exorcist & 70s Possession movies
1.30pm Religion in horror movies
1.45pm Modern day possession films
2.00pm The French Connection – Urban 70s cinema grit
2.15pm Cop on the edge/ Cops that don’t play by the rules
2.30pm Great cinema drug busts
2.45pm The great car chases
3.00pm Friedkin – Other Movies – To Live & Die In LA
3.15pm Cruising / Boys In The Band/Bug
3.30pm The Brink’s Job
3.45pm The Guardian
4.00pm Killer Joe – A return to form
4.15pm Southern Gothic
4.30pm Dark love stories
4.45pm Conclusions, goodbyes, rounding off.

So join us and many others this Friday afternoon and remember to use the hastag #FriedkinFriday!

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