Joseph Gordon-Levitt reps deny he will play Batman in Warners Justice League, and Christopher Nolan explains the conclusion of his Batman trilogy

Firstly we have that rumour to talk about which landed earlier this week. It was said that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in talks to play Batman in Warner Brothers upcoming Justice League movie, and while the news was indeed exciting, it seemed a little far fetched.


At the end of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Gordon-Levitts character John Blake reveals his legal name to be Robin, clearly hinting at a possible Robin spin-off, or it might just have been a nice little touch to finish off Nolan’s story. Either way, you could argue that Blake was also being setup to take over from Batman, and the rumours linking Gordon-Levitt to Justice League by way of the final moments of The Dark Knight Rises kind of made sense.

However, followed up on that rumour and managed to talk to Gordon-Levitt’s reps, and said: “checked in with Gordon-Levitt’s reps who have refuted the rumour entirely”

So, is this the reps being careful because Warner Brothers want to announce the news themselves, or was it just that, a rumour? Who knows, but thinking about it, and if you read the following bits of Christopher Nolan’s recent interview, it would be an insult for Warners to use Nolan’s film as a cheap way of linking into Justice League. Nolan finally spoke at length about The Dark Knight Rises and his Batman trilogy this week, and stated that his Batman story is indeed a stand alone story, and will in no way link to a Justice League movie.

In an interview with Film Comment, Nolan said:

“For me, The Dark Knight Rises is specifically and definitely the end of the Batman story as I wanted to tell it, and the open-ended nature of the film is simply a very important thematic idea that we wanted to get into the movie, which is that Batman is a symbol. He can be anybody, and that was very important to us. Not every Batman fan will necessarily agree with that interpretation of the philosophy of the character, but for me it all comes back to the scene between Bruce Wayne and Alfred in the private jet in Batman Begins, where the only way that I could find to make a credible characterization of a guy transforming himself into Batman is if it was as a necessary symbol, and he saw himself as a catalyst for change and therefore it was a temporary process, maybe a five-year plan that would be enforced for symbolically encouraging the good of Gotham to take back their city. To me, for that mission to succeed, it has to end, so this is the ending for me, and as I say, the open-ended elements are all to do with the thematic idea that Batman was not important as a man, he’s more than that. He’s a symbol, and the symbol lives on”

So there you have it, Nolan wants The Dark Knight Rises to be the end of his Batman story, period. As for what this means for Justice League is anybody’s guess. Gordon-Levitt may play Batman in the film, then again he may not. It is simply speculation at this point, but for Nolan his Batman world, as he always said, finished with The Dark Knight Rises.

(Source: Total Film, Film Comment)

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