‘Jurassic Park 3D’: Poster and trailer revealed, time to get excited all over again!!!

With Jurassic Park 4 still in the discussions stage, fans are eager to get some Dino action at the cinema, and thankfully Jurassic Park 3D is on its way. While the 3D version of the film was confirmed some time ago, we now have a trailer and poster for the 3D post-conversion of the film, and I must say I am very excited.

Shockingly, Jurassic Park arrived in cinemas TWENTY years ago,can you believe that! How times flies. However, 3D or not, there are many fans out there who might not have ever experienced such a brilliant film in cinemas, so this will be there chance to catch a genuine classic on the big screen for the first time. For fans like myself, this will be a chance to re-live that glorious moment of watching something so good, so amazing and so technically brilliant on a bigger, louder and crisper screen all over again. That is what excites me, being able to see the film even bigger and better.

See, back in 1993, cinemas weren’t digital, they didn’t have the sound system’s they have now, and generally, cinema quality is now much much better. So this is our chance to see the film in a perfect condition, and I will happily admit to being very excited about seeing it in 3D. Director Steven Spielberg is not one to do things by halves, and I can almost guarantee that the 3D will be amazing, he wouldn’t accept anything less. And watching the 3D trailer, it is as if the original film was tailored for 3D, and there are many scenes that will clearly benefit from the formula. Finally, we have a 3D film to REALLY be excited about!

Jurassic Park 3D arrives in cinemas April 2013.



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