Oh dear! Has actor Jason Flemyng let slip who will be directing ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

British actor Jason Flemyng was recently interview by DIY TV at the premiere of  Seven Psychopaths, and firstly can I just say what a sound, top bloke he appears to be. He actually apologises to the people interviewing him because it is cold! Bless him.

However, the poor fella may have dropped a bombshell that will land him in serious trouble. The Lock, Stock actor has worked with director Matthew Vaughn on nine films in total, so it is safe to say the pair are good friends, and that Flemyng knows a thing or two about Vaughn’s next move.

Vaughn recently pulled out of directing X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the sudden departure left fans baffled and intrigued. Even though he is sticking around to help produce the film, why the sudden change of heart? Did he have a much bigger project lined up, a project so big that he had no choice but to leave X-Men? Well, poor Jason Flemyng just might have told us what that project is.

Matthew Vaughn is a name that has been mentioned numerous times as a possibility of directing Star Wars: Episode VII for Disney, and fans are pretty eager to see him do it. While nothing has yet been confirmed, Vaughn is one of the few directors who hasn’t yet said no to directing arguably one of the biggest films in recent memory. However, nothing has yet been officially confirmed, but Flemyng just might have given us our answer.

Check out the video below. At one minute and eleven seconds the whole Star Wars thing begins, and Flemyng pretty much confirms at one minute thirty five seconds. Has he dropped a bombshell, or is he simply playing the game to get fans talking? Check out the video posted by Hey You Guys UK to see for yourself!


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