Paramount announce ‘Paranormal Activity 5’ coming to cinemas on 25th October 2013

We all knew it was coming, Paramount had already announced the fifth film in the Paranormal Activity franchise during the opening week of part 4. However, we had only been told that the fifth film would arrive in time for Halloween 2013.

Now we have a set date, and that is 25th October 2013, the perfect timing for the fifth film to make the most out of the Halloween celebrations. However, with poor reviews and the lowest box office earnings in the franchise since the first film, Paranormal Activity 4 proved that fans were getting tired of the formula. The film still made money though, and even with the bad reviews it took $135 million worldwide. Costing just $5 million to make, the franchise is still a money maker and until is drastically fails, I would expect it to keep going. However, to keep my interest, they are going to have to inject some serious originality or drastically change the story in order for the franchise to feel fresh and relevant. The setup was proved in the last film to be painfully out  of ideas, and I really hope whoever comes onboard to direct has some tricks up their sleeves.

No director, writer or cast have yet been announced, but it is expected that series creator Oren Peli and Jason Blum will be back to produce.

Let’s not also forget the Latino spin-off, which has been given a release schedule of Spring 2013.

Here is what we reported on the Latino spin-off back in April:

The new film is looking to take on a Latin based theme, using mostly Latino characters, and will use Catholic-based paranormal mythology. Paranormal Activity and Insidious producer Jason Blum will reunite with Peli once more, and the project will also see the pair working again with Christopher Landon (writer of Paranormal Activity 2 and 3).

The expectation is that the project will begin shooting in the next several months, and Landon will be both writing and directing. Paramount, who will be releasing the film, have hinted at a January 2013 release, hoping to reproduce the success of The Devil Inside, which was released January this year. Steven Schneider, who also helped produced Paranormal Activity and Insidious, will serve as producer on this new low budget project.

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