Ringu director Hideo Nakata returns to horror with ‘The Complex’

Back in 1998, Japanese director Hideo Nakata changed the face of horror for good with Ringu. A genre defining, groundbreaking and highly influential film that paved the way for new and old horror filmmakers, and was the film that pretty much created J-Horror. Now, while J-Horror peaked in the early 2000’s, the genre has never gone away, but the output has been less and less, with the quality getting worse. However, like most of you, I am still intrigued by the genre, and I know there is still some good stuff to come.

Nakata last directed a proper horror with the US remake of Ring 2 in 2005, and his last ventures with real J-Horror was Ringu 2 in 1999, followed by the impressive Dark Water in 2002. The director has dabbled in other genres since, but the good news today is that he is returning to the genre that made him a household name. Nakata is returning to J-Horror, and the film he is making is called The Complex, and it sounds terrific.

A ten minute reel was shown at last weeks American Film Market, and Twitch was on hand to see it. Here is what they said:

“…it is arresting stuff, instantly reminiscent of the director’s best known work. The long shots, dark atmosphere and sense of isolation that undergirded much of The Ring and Dark Water are very much present here and while you can never be sure that the mood of a promo will translate to a complete film the footage feels very much like a homecoming for Nakata”

Sounds very promising indeed. Here is the full, exciting synopsis for The Complex, courtesy of Twitch:

Nursing student Asuka (Atsuko Maeda) has just moved into a row of aging apartment buildings with her parents and younger brother. On the first night in her new room, she is awakened by a strange scratching sound coming from the apartment of her neighbor, a reclusive old man who has refused all attempts at communication. Concerned over his well-being, Asuka enters his home, only to find him dead from malnutrition. Worse, it looks as if he had been trying to claw his way into her room. When the late-night scratching returns, she nervously ventures back next door, only to come face to face with an apparition of the old man.

Asuka soon learns that there have been many strange deaths in the complex over the years. Hoping to rid herself of the evil surrounding her, she seeks help from a spiritualist, and signs soon point to the danger being rooted in events in a past as tragic as the one Asuka lives in denial of.

(Source: Twitch)

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