Scare yourself silly with first trailer for Paul Campion’s creepy horror ‘Dark Hollow’

Paul Campion has worked on the visual effects of films like Hugo, Clash of the Titans, 30 Days of Night, Sin City, X-Men:The Last Stand and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The talented artist has since made one film, the shocking and rather excellent The Devil’s Rock, and now the British director is returning with a new, and much more creepy horror flick.

Set to begin production sometime next year, Raven Banner are producing the film which is based on the novel by best selling author Brian Keene. Shane Rangi (Spartacus) is set to star, and Raven Banner will be handling worldwide distribution rights. Weta Workshop in New Zealand will provide the special effects.

Based on the evidence of his previous film, The Devil’s Rock (review), Dark Hollow should be a breathtaking and scary as hell horror flick for those looking for something a little bit different. Bloody Disgusting scored the exclusive on the first trailer, and it is awesome! Check it out at the bottom of this post.


Set in a small Central Pennsylvania town that borders a woodland with a sinister reputation, ‘Dark Hollow’ sees women beginning to disappear. Strange pipe music can be heard drifting in from the woods, which has a strange effect on the libidos of those who hear it. The trees in the woods seem to move with a will of their own. Our hero, Adam Senft, a mid level mystery writer, and a small group of his neighbours, realise the supernatural evil behind the strange goings on, and determine to put a stop to it, leading to a showdown with the force orchestrating the disappearances.”

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

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