Should Christopher McQuarrie choose to except it, his next director’s mission could be ‘Mission Impossible 5’

Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie is about to show the world what he is capable of with the Tom Cruise starring action thriller, Jack Reacher. However, it would seem that both Crusie and Paramount have already made up their minds as to the directors talents, and both want him to direct Mission Impossible 5.

Paramount are keen to get the fifth Mission Impossible film moving after the $700 million worldwide success of Brad Bird’s fourth ( and best?) installment last year. It is also a rule with the Mission Impossible films that a new director rise up to the challenge of each new film, as to keep it fresh, and to give each new film its own spin.

McQuarrie is top of Paramount’s list, and it is expected he will be offered the job soon, or once they see how well Jack Reacher performs. Cruise has also worked with McQuarrie on a number of films, and is very keen to work with the director on the fifth Mission Impossible film.  Not only has McQuarrie just directed Cruise in Jack Reacher, but he has also worked with him by writing the scripts for Valkyrie, the upcoming All You Need is Kill and the sadly in limbo Top Gun 2. He also did some uncredited writing on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and has also written the upcoming film, The Wolverine. McQuarrie also won an Oscar for writing the classic dark thriller, The Usual Suspects.

JJ Abrams, producer of the Mission Impossible films, is also extremely keen to have McQuarrie onboard to direct. He has proved his worth by directing the rather excellent 2000 film, The Way of the Gun, and as I said earlier, Paramount and Cruise are incredibly happy with what he has done with Jack Reacher. McQuarrie is also tapped to direct another film for Paramount, Without Remorse, an action thriller based on the Tom Clancy novel.

While there are no plot details for the fifth Mission Impossible film, it has been reported that screenwriters are likely to be brought in before McQuarrie is officially offered the job.

Paramount have also expressed wishes to turn Jack Reacher into a franchise, and should the film perform well when it hits the UK on Boxing Day, it is likely that we will be seeing much more of Cruise over the years. Jack Reacher is based on the novel ‘One Shot’ written by Lee Child, and McQuarrie adapted the story into what we will see in December by not only directing, but writing the screenplay. There have been complaints that Cruise does not quite match up to the Jack Reacher character, but it is said that Child himself backed Cruise after seeing him in Michael Mann’s excellent Collateral and also Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

In the film Jack Reacher Cruise plays the title character, who in the books is a hulking former military cop who drifts around the country and always ends up unraveling conspiracies with his intellect and oversized fists.

(Source: Deadline)

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