So, who the hell will direct ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

The list of directors on the cards for directing Star Wars: Episode VII seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Disney,who recently acquired Lucasfilm for the small sum of £4 billion, have apparently had a list of directors they would like to direct the new film, and so do the fans. Among those on both lists are names like JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Jon Favreau, Quentin Tarantino (!!!) and Matthew Vaughn. While we can all speculate as to whom it might end up being, today we can rule out three of those names right now!

Quentin Tarantino was the first to announce that he would have nothing to do with the film, telling Entertainment Weekly:  “I could so care less. … No, sorry. Especially if Disney’s going to do it.”

Strong words from Tarantino, but to be expected I suppose. To be honest, I don’t think he would suit making a Star Wars movie anyway.

Next up came Steven Spielberg, life-long friend of George Lucas, he told Access Hollywood: “No! No! It’s not my genre. It’s my best friend George’s genre,”

However, back in 2002 Spielberg said the following about directing a Star Wars movie:  “I’ve asked [Lucas]. He won’t let me do one…I wanted to do one 15 years ago, and he didn’t want me to do it. I understand why – Star Wars is George’s baby. It’s his cottage industry and it’s his fingerprints. He knows I’ve got Jurassic Park and Raiders. But George has Star Wars and I don’t think he feels inclined to share any of it with me.”

For me, Spielberg would have been my first choice to direct Episode VII, but sadly it appears that will never happen.

JJ Abrams would probably have been my second choice, and he is the latest director to distance himself from the film. However, Abrams choice is out of respect for the franchise. He told The Hollywood Reporter:

“Look, Star Wars is one of my favorite movies of all time. I frankly feel that – I almost feel that, in a weird way, the opportunity for whomever it is to direct that movie, it comes with the burden of being that kind of iconic movie and series. I was never a big Star Trek fan growing up, so for me, working on Star Trek didn’t have any of that, you know, almost fatal sacrilege, and so, I am looking forward more than anyone to the next iterations of Star Wars, but I believe I will be going as a paying moviegoer!”

So, that leaves Matthew Vaughn and Jon Favreau, and both are very credible filmmakers in their own right. Vaughn I believe could do it, and he proved with Stardust that he can handle the more family friendly fantasy stuff well. However, it would appear that Favreau has kind of unofficially put himself out there as the main contender. The director of Iron Man 1 and 2, Zathura and Cowboys & Aliens said this week:

“I think both J.J. and I come from a generation of people who formed our whole creative persona around what we experienced as kids from watching those films, and I have had the good fortune of working with George [Lucas] and around George, and whether it is doing a voice on Clone Wars, or being at the Skywalker Ranch mixing Iron Man– so I have been very happy and lucky to just experience the culture that Lucas has created, both in my own life growing up as a kid and professional – whether it was interviewing him at film festivals on stage, he is just a really wonderful, talented gifted guy who has changed the business so much, so I am just giddy, first and foremost as a fan, to see what happens with it. I think there is a lot of question marks of how they are going to do it, and who they are going to do it with, and what the story is going to be about; but to say that I am not excited about it is definitely an understatement. We’ll see.”

We”ll see is a tease all by itself, and Favreau certainly has the experience of directing a major blockbuster for a widespread audience. He is also the only person to actually talk positively about the new film without the concern for getting it wrong. It is this kind of confidence and love of the franchise that Star Wars needs. Obviously nothing has been confirmed, or even offered yet, so best thing to do is to wait and see.

No doubt there will be much more to report on this very soon.

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