‘The Hobbit’ inspires hilarious and brilliant Air New Zealand safety video

Air New Zealand have truly got into the spirit of Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by releasing a truly brilliant in flight safety video. Inspired by The Hobbit, the new video features staff dressed up in costume playing many memorable characters from Middle Earth, with a few cameos from actual actors and characters too. Peter Jackson even turns up to give a few words on safety.

I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, so watch the video and keep a close eye, and enjoy it for yourself. This is a marvel in in-flight safety videos as, sadly, most passengers tend to ignore what flight staff are telling them, instructions that could essentially save their lives. However, according to Air New Zealand, and as expected, passengers are certainly taking note of this video:

“Passengers appreciate the lighthearted and entertaining approach we take to delivering important safety information,” said Jodi Williams, ANZ’s head of international marketing.

“It’s noticeable that on an ANZ flight they sit up and take notice during the pre-flight briefing — expectations of this part of the airline journey have certainly been heightened.”

The four minute video, called “An Unexpected Briefing”, took three days to shoot. The airline worked with Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop and Weta Digital to produce the goods, and this begins a two year global marketing program by Air New Zealand dedicated to The Hobbit trilogy, and of course promoting their gorgeous land.

Check out the awesome video next:


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