‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ rules weekend box office, but can’t break records set by ‘New Moon’ in 2009

I am writing this article not because I am a fan of the Twilight movies (I hate them!), but to celebrate two things. The first celebration is that this is the final film, and hopefully this will be the last time we will have to talk about it, and fingers crossed it is now finished, never to return! However (and I worry), there are rumours of the franchise being rebooted already! Please don’t!

The other reason for writing this is another celebration, and that is to celebrate yet another massive weekend at the box office. See, after the horrendous summer where cinemas were seeing a huge decline in ticket sales, it is nice to be able to talk about cinema being alive once more and making money. With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey just a month away too, 2012 just might be able to redeem itself.

Anyway, as expected The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ruled to box office here in the UK, in the US and pretty much everywhere else. As always, the US took the bulk of the money, a whopping $141 million, however this could not top the Twilight record set for an opening weekend by New Moon in 2009. The second Twilight films achieved a US opening weekend take of $142 million, so what does that say about the saga? Basically it hasn’t really attracted that many new fans. If you look at the Harry Potter films, they all went from strength to strength, and the final film was the biggest of the lot, so it is interesting to see how Twilight has pretty much stayed the same. It just shows that the films do not have the massive universal appeal Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment hoped for, and my predictions is that the film will drop off heavily on ticket sales now the opening weekend has got out of the way. Who knows, we might even see Skyfall re-take its top place? Judging by Skyfall’s continuing high sales here in the UK, I believe it could happen.

Here in the UK Twilight scored top place over the weekend to make it the second best place in the world for ticket sales. The UK made $24.4 million over the three day weekend and from midnight openings on Thursday. Outside of the US the final film in the Twilight saga took a total gross of $199.6 million, and here is the breakdown of the top markets:

UK $24.4M

CIS $20.3M

Brazil $19M

France $16.4M

Australia $12.7M

Italy $12.4M

Spain $11.8M

Mexico $11.8M

South Korea $7.1M

Philippines $4.4M

Sweden $3.9M

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(Source: Deadline)


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