Whoa!!! Where did this come from??? The first clip has arrived for upcoming Korean sequel ‘The Host 2’

I knew there was a sequel in the works, but had no idea it was this far ahead in production. The first clip for the sequel to the classic Korean monster flick, The Host, has gone on-line courtesy of Twitch, and it is a belter.

No doubt the clip will remind you of the first monster attack in the superb first film, and the moment the creature appears in the background, running and pounding the ground is just like in the first film, but the clip is truly awesome! It features a family minding their own business while on the road, only to fall victim to an attack by the monster. The clip is full of breathtaking action and superb special effects, and even has a breakdown at the end of the clip of how it was put together.

Commercials director Park Myeong-chan is directing the sequel to Bong Joon-ho’s terrific 2006 feature, and it would appear that the film will be released in 3D. Here is what Twitch reported in October on the film:

Korean production house Chungeorahm Films have announced that their sequel to Bong Joon-Ho’s monstrous hit The Host is being prepped in 3D. Korean commercial director Park Myeong-chan will direct with the effects work being handled within Korea this time rather than being farmed out abroad. Chungeorahm are still drumming up investors for the film, which they hope to release in summer 2013.

(Source: Twitch)




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