Blast from the Past as Wallace and Gromit Creators Unveil New Online Film… Featuring MORPH!

Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman Animations have unveiled a quirky gothic new online film featuring none other than the classic TV character Morph.

The online film can only be seen on The Space, the new digital arts service developed by Arts Council England in partnership with the BBC to provide a unique platform for artists and arts organisations to showcase their work.

The new Aardman Animations online film has been created to celebrate 38 years of Forkbeard Fantasy, the groundbreaking UK theatre and arts company.

The unusual online film features newsreel footage of the precise moment that the pioneers of Liquid Film blended several secret ingredients and scientific wonder to create Plasticinematography – and a host of characters like the multi-eyed organism, a bucket of mouths… and Morph!

To watch the exclusive Aardman Animations film users have to navigate through ‘Forkbeard in Space’ a 360 degree panorama of Forkbeard’s studios inspired by the exhibitions, theatre shows, installations, cartoons, animation props and filmic special FX of Forkbeard Fantasy’s 38 year history (– and solve a series of puzzles to create Liquid Film.)

Users then have to play 2 online games “The Fall of the House of Usherettes” and “The Bonehunter” based on Forkbeard’s classic shows.

Users are then rewarded with the Aardman Animations film in which they can witness how liquid film created Plasticinematography and the multitude of characters.

‘Forkbeard in Space’ the online games and the Aardman Animation online film is one of 51 commissions made by the Arts Council for The Space.

Interesting Morph facts:
• Morph is an animated plasticine stop-motion character
• Morph appeared with the late Tony Hart, beginning in 1977, on several of his UK TV programmes, notably Take Hart and Hartbeat
• Morph was produced for the BBC by Aardman Animations
• Morph’s 30th Birthday was celebrated in 2007
• Morph lived in an artist’s wooden pencil box
• Some of the early plasticine models of Morph were destroyed in a fire at the warehouse they were being stored on 10 October 2005

Forkbeard Fantasy is a collective of artists who have been creating performances, theatre shows, films, cartoons, automata, sculptures, special events, installations and interactive exhibitions across the UK and abroad without stop since the mid-1970s.

Enter Forkbeard in Space here:

The Space

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