DEATH SCENES – Part 7 of the Bloody Cuts Anthology

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Bloody Cuts #7 – Death Scenes
Written and Directed by Joel Morgan

Set in a Lynnmouths police interrogation room on a dark, stormy night, Detective Inspector Collins questions a suspected killer about the torturous murders he has committed. The suspect remains silent whilst the detective displays evidence to him, talking the suspect and the viewer through the sequence of events of the homicides. The brutal and graphic deaths of the victims is hard to stomach and it is clear the killer is guilt free about his actions, but is there more to the crimes than meets the eye?

I’m running out of words for Bloody Cuts because time after time, they produce amazingly detailed short films with a strong plot and suprising twist. As a horror film fan, I unintentially jump the gun and attempt to guess what is about to happen. So when a film like Death Scenes pops up and has me truly stumped at what is about to be revealed, that in itself is a major triumph for both the filmmakers and myself as a viewer.

The attention to detail in DEATH SCENES is immense. Right from the very start, we are treated to an intro of the shuffling of police case notes, files and road maps that list the names and companies that are involved in the creation of this magnificent episode. This sets the viewer up nicely for the questioning between the detective and the suspect ‘John’. John looks pale and looks a lot like Death from The Seventh Seal and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. The physical image of the suspect alone enforces the suspicions brought forward against him. John is played by Robin Berry who we last saw in Bloody Cuts Episode 5, as the Suckablood himself. It’s great to see him back in Death Scenes it what is less of a mythical boogeyman and more of a threatening reality. He plays his character calmly without expression initially, in contrast to Ayden Callaghan’s Detective Inspector Collins, who is level headed but forceful in his approach to John.

Actress Charlie Bond, who has starred in such films as The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan and GBH, as well as performing as Lucy in the recent stage performance of DRACULA in London, is cast as John’s first victim, Janet Grey. Is she a helpless girlfriend to the deranged psycho? Quite possibly. But what are John’s links and reasons to harm drug dealer Reggie (Paul Jibson) and a seemingly normal pensioner couple (pensioner wife played by Carol Storey, who also starred in Bloody Cuts’ Mother Died)?

To have Neill Gorton’s Millennium FX involved with Bloody Cuts has truly been an advantage to the team, with this particular episode showcasing some brilliant and downright spine-tinglingly gruesome deaths. Although, for the most part, we don’t see the entire deaths of the characters, the sight of the blood-splattered, excruciatingly painful consequences is more than enough, believe me! The lighting in Death Scenes was used to good effect to create an eerie, tense setting too and was beautifully complimented by the subtle, haunting score which reached its crescendo at the opportune moment.

Bringing the entire short film together in his directoral debut is Joel Morgan, who penned previous Bloody Cuts shorts Stitches, Prey, Dead Man’s Lake and, to top it all off, he wrote Death Scenes too. Morgan has proved he can create a well-structured, impressive film on a tiny budget and that he can direct just as efficiently as he is able to write. As with all the Bloody Cuts movies though, it is the effectiveness of the tight-knit crew, who work tirelessly to create these remarkable episodes, that are the reason the anthology is such a hit across the internet, at festivals and with the horror fans.

With Bloody Cuts now at the half-way point of their planned 13 episodes, we look forward to more scare, twists and thrills from the hot, innovative British film crew.

If you’d like to help Bloody Cuts to fund Episode 8: Don’t Move, a Ouija Board based horror short, then you can do so on their Kickstarter. There’s many perks and rewards to be had, with the greater the donation, the bigger the gift in return! 😉

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