Jason Statham is ‘Parker’ and he don’t like people who break the rules in awesome new trailer!

Jason Statham brings his unique blend of British humour and brawn to his latest film, Parker, and I am excited. You can’t really go wrong with a Statham film now can you. You know exactly what to expect: gritty one liners, a bizarre philosophy and the odd bit of testosterone fuelled violence, and Parker appears to be delivering just that.

What’s more we also have the hugely talented Nick Nolte in the film, plus the rather attractive Jennifer Lopez, so I fail to see how this film can go wrong. A new trailer does not show all that much new footage, but it still features plenty of Statham doing what he does best, and I like it.

Jason Statham is back in new action flick Parker, and this time he will be joined by the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and the always brilliant Nick Nolte. Directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray, Devil’s Advocate) the film is  based on the novel series by Donald E. Westlake.

Parker arrives in UK cinemas 25th January.


Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it.  But on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead.

Determined to make sure they regret it, Parker tracks them to PalmBeach, playground of the rich and famous, where the crew is planning their biggest heist ever.  Donning the disguise of a rich Texan, Parker takes on an unlikely partner, Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), a savvy insider, who’s short on cash, but big on looks, smarts and ambition.  Together, they devise a plan to hijack the score, take everyone down and get away clean.


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