Prepare for ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, the musical!!!

While Guillermo Del Toro continues to add to his mountain of a workload by announcing a new film or project almost weekly, how can such a busy man possibly add more? Well he has, in the form of a musical based on his classic 2006 film, Pan’s Labyrinth.

Deadline is reporting that Del Toro has been working on the musical version of the film for four years, and he and Jeremy Ungar have already written the book for the show. Del Toro has been quietly interviewing directors, librettists and composers to work on the play, with Paul Williams now being signed to write the song lyrics, and Oscar winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla (Babel, Brokeback Mountain) has been hired to compose the music.

Del Toro told Deadline “I admire and love Gustavo and Paul wrote the perfect album in Phantom Of The Paradise, which I have loved for decades”

Santaolalla expressed his excitement: “I’m so excited about translating Guillermo’s magical vision into music and songs. I’m such a longtime fan of both Guillermo and Paul that to work on this with them is truly a dream come true.”

London based producer Robert Fox will produce with Del Toro and Gary Ungar, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Guillermo and the terrific creative team that we have put together to bring the wonderful film of Pan’s Labyrinth to the stage as a musical,” he said.

There’s no word yet on when this will be ready, and with Del Toro having so many project on the go right now it could be some time before this makes it to the stage, but it is certainly something to look forward to!

(Source: Deadline)

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