Red-band trailer for Marlon Wayans’ spoof ‘A Haunted House’ is actually kinda funny

See, I was never really a fan of the Scary Movie slapstick nonsense, it just was not my thing at all. I tried, I really did, and managed to make it half way through Scary Movie 2 before pretty much giving up for good. You can understand then, why I was hesitant about getting excited about Wayans’ new spoof, A Haunted House.

However, a new red-band trailer has landed where the writer and cast have been allowed to let rip, and all the good stuff has finally been revealed. Yes the jokes seem to rely in swearing to make them funny, but there is actually some rather funny stuff here. I shant spoil it for you, just check out the red-band trailer below.

A Haunted House is directed by Micheal Tiddes and written by Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez. The film stars Marlon Wayans, Nick Swardson, Cedric the Entertainer, David Koechner and Essence Atkins. The film arrives in US cinemas 11th January 2013, however there is no date set for the UK.


In an outrageous send up of the Paranormal Activity movies, The Devil Inside and other “found footage” movies, A HAUNTED HOUSE features young couple Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) who have just moved in to their dream house. As they settle in, they quickly find they’re not alone. But it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s Malcolm’s girlfriend who is possessed by a demon. Malcolm hires everyone from a priest to modern day ghostbusters to rid her of this unwelcome intruder, determined not to let the evil spirit ruin his relationship… or, more importantly, his sex life.

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