‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ breaks December opening weekend record, but still considered a bit of a failure?

Strange this, but Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opened big this weekend, breaking the December opening weekend record previously held by I Am Legend in 2007, yet some are still calling the figures a slight disappointment.

The Hobbit took a staggering $84.8 million in the US alone this weekend, which puts it well above the previous record held by I Am Legend which took $77.2 million. Worldwide the film took a further $138.2 million, but in the US alone it was expected that the film would break the $100 million mark due to the amount of extra cash ticket sales were bringing in. Not only have ticket prices gone up since I Am Legend was released, but The Hobbit also benefited from 3D and IMAX ticket sales, with 3D accounting for almost half of all ticket sales.

The overall attendance when compared to The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, is down but with the ticket prices, 3D and IMAX, The Hobbit beat the Lord of the Rings record holder The Return of the King. ROTK took $73.3 million in its US opening weekend, which puts The Hobbit above by over $10 million. However, if you take away inflation, 3D and IMAX, this would probably put The Hobbit below ROTK.

So, The Hobbit has opened big, but has sadly not lived up to expectations. However, with December not really showing much competition this year, I would expect The Hobbit to pick up once the schools break up and the Christmas holidays really kick off. There is still hope, but sadly The Hobbit is not likely to be the biggest film of the year as was initially expected.

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

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