Christopher Nolan’s next film could be a mind-bending sci-fi called ‘Interstellar’



Some exciting news has landed today from the Christopher Nolan camp, and that is news of his possible next directing job. Better still, the story Nolan just might be directing is written by his brother Jonathan Nolan, and we all know how well the pairs previous collaborations have worked out. Jonathan wrote the screenplays for The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight and The Prestige, and also wrote the short story Memento was based on. Seeing the brothers work together again is potential for yet another Nolan classic.

Jonathan’s story is called Interstellar and the plot involves a group of explorers traveling through a wormhole and deals with time travel and alternate dimensions. Sound a little complicated? It gets even more intriguing, the script is said to be inspired by the work of Kip Thorne, a gravitational physicist and astrophysicist at Caltech. With the script dealing with multiple dimensions and time travel, we could be looking at a mix of Memento and Inception here, and should Christopher Nolan take the job, this could be something very special indeed.

Apparently Christopher Nolan has been in negotiations with Paramount to direct Interstellar for months now, and those negotiations are said to be “very complex”. Should Christopher take the job, then no doubt Warner Brothers will also become involved in the epic sci-fi film.

Steven Spielberg also showed an interest in being part of Interstellar a short while ago, but nothing has been reported on whether he will still be involved if Nolan takes the directing job. It has also been reported that should Nolan direct, he is likely to produce as well.

(Source: THR)

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