Deleted final scene of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ revealed, and it would have been a disaster




Everyone knows how Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic tale, The Shining, finishes, but what if there was an added scene that wrapped up the film in a more safer, nicer way? Well, fan website The Overlook Hotel, run by Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, has discovered how Kubrick originally intended to end the film.

“Kubrick had filmed a final scene that was cut, where Wendy and Danny are recovering from the shock in a hospital and where Ullman visits them,” Diane Johnson, co-writer of the famous horror flick, tells Vulture.

Thankfully this scene was never shown because, in all fairness, it would have been silly and not fitted with the rest of the film at all. However, Kubrick ” felt that we should see them in the hospital so we would know that they were all right.”

The bizarre idea to add this scene on the end was born out of an even weirder excuse by Kubrick. Johnson continued  “He had a soft spot for Wendy and Danny and thought that, at the end of a horror film, the audience should be reassured that everything was back to normal.”

Thankfully this scene was removed, but only just in time for the films big theatrical release in the US. In fact, it was cut at the eleventh hour, with the film prints already in cinemas. Johnson described how they managed to avoid ruining the films ending:

“Kubrick decided to remove the scene very shortly after the U.S. opening, sending out assistants to excise the scene from the dozens of prints showing in Los Angeles and New York City. All known copies of the scene were reportedly destroyed, although it is rumored that one surviving copy may exist”

The scene would have taken place inbetween the shot of Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance frozen in the snow, and the long dolly shot through the lobby which ends on the creepy black and white photo from 4th July 1921. Now think about just how all that tension and menace and thought provoking chills would have been taken away by a simple, safe scene that showed that everyone was OK.

(Source: The Overlook Hotel)

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